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Teach Smarter, Learn Better

Revolutionizing education for students with personalized, AI-driven learning experiences, to help achieve their full potential. 

Teacher Assisting a Student

Why LumaAI 

Unleash student potential with AI-driven, personalised learning


Curated question library & instant feedback for tailored learning

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Personalised progress tracking for optimised growth

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Continuous system evolution  through user feedback 

How it works?


Determine users' knowledge level

Take a questionnaire for us to gauge your current abilities and ultimate learning goals.


Generate Tailored Questions

Our language model generates thousands of questions and selects the most suitable ones for you.


Provide Grading & Feedback

Instant constructive feedback is provided by comparing your responses with the marking scheme.

What parents & students say

Mother and Daughter Hugging
"LumaAI has transformed my child's education. Personalized learning, instant feedback, and diverse questions have made a remarkable impact. Thank you for revolutionizing the way my child learns!"

Sarah M., Parent of a 12-year-old 

Start Teach Smarter,

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